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Couples Therapy

Research shows most couples wait years after problems begin to seek couples therapy. If you are experiencing conflict or your relationship is not where you would like it to be, consider addressing these issues right away. If problems have been around for a while, Dr. Sasso can help you get to the root of the problem and change the patterns that continue to lead you to the same place of conflict. Dr. Sasso also works with couples who are earlier in a relationship who want to address minor issues before they become more significant or learn skills to avoid future problems.

Dr. Sasso understands that over time, most couples fall into patterns of relating that they may or may not be aware of. While we don’t engage in them on purpose, like a tornado, they can seem to swoop us up into upsetting and hurtful exchanges. When we land, we feel like we don’t know what’s happened. In addition to learning important skills like enhancing communication, Dr. Sasso helps couples understand and shift these dynamics so they can see them coming and avoid them.

Sex Therapy with Couples

Dr. Sasso also helps couples with sexual problems sexual incompability, or who simply seek to enhance and/or refresh their sex lives. While sex may not be a focus in some couples treatments, Dr. Sasso views sex as an important aspect of most relationships. Sometimes partners disagree on what healthy sexuality is or should look like. Some couples differ quite a bit on the extent to which sex is a need or priority.  In other cases, one or both partners may be experiencing physical or psychological sexual difficulties.

Dr. Sasso strives to create a comfortable, non-judgmental space where couples can increase their own comfort talking about sex and become more aware of their own and their partner’s sexual needs. If clients are having specific sexual problems like sexual pain, erectile dysfunction, lack of orgasm, or premature ejaculation, Dr. Sasso is trained to treat these, and works in with medical professionals when necessary to ensure comprehensive care.

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Mixed Orientation Couples

In our culture, many people assume our sexual orientations and interests match our partner’s, but this is not always the case. Because of social stigma some people remain closeted until long after they are established in a relationship. Additionally, sexual orientation and gender identity are quite fluid for many people.  Finally, there are many aspects that draw us to people, and sometimes our emotional, intellectual, romantic, and sexual interests to not align perfectly.  As a result of these factors and others, often couples find themselves in a mixed orientation relationship. For example a gay and straight partner, a gay and bisexual partner, or a couple with a transgender and cis-gender partner.

For each couple, mixed orientation status has a different meaning and impact on the relationship. In some cases, it may mean the end of the relationship, in others, conflict and/or challenges around how to make the relationship work, and in others, very little impact on the couple themselves, but difficulty integrating within a community, family, or social group. Often others in a couple’s social circle have difficulty understanding why the couple choose to remain in a mixed orientation relationship.

Dr. Sasso understands the unique challenges of mixed orientation couples, and helps them identity and meet their goals, whether that be to stay together as romantic partners, engage in a healthy, thoughtful separation, or create a new kind of partnership or relationship.

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Polyamourous and Non-Monogamous Couples/Groups

Individuals and couples who are non-monogamous represent a wide range of lifestyles and a diverse group of clients. These individuals may have difficulty finding a therapist who understands their lifestyle and needs. They may find non-monogamy is viewed as a problem in treatment when that is not the problem at hand. Dr. Sasso understands non-monogamous lifestyles and does not make them an automatic treatment issue.

On the other hand, couples who are seeking to open up a relationship or are having challenges related to an open relationship may be seeking a therapist experienced in working with non-monogamy in order to address it. Dr. Sasso can help couples assess their specific needs and concerns and find the balance that is right for their relationship.

Individuals who identify as polyamorous or non-monogamous, like many other groups, may find themselves marginalized or misunderstood outside their community, or may need assistance in finding an accepting community. Dr. Sasso seeks to create a safe space for these clients to explore and feel positively about their identities.

Finally, groups of partners can require therapy services just as couples do. These services may revolve around boundary issues, jealousy, new relationship structures, or other non-monogamy related stressors, but they may also simply relate to other life or relationship issues, including issues involving children, finances, work-life balance, etc. Dr. Sasso can assist partners in addressing relationship or family difficulties while respecting the relationship structures that are in place.

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