Relationships, Identity, Sexuality, Empowerment



Individual Therapy

Dr. Sasso works with individuals with a wide variety of problems and concerns including trauma, depression, anxiety, interpersonal and relationship concerns, parenting issues, destructive behavioral patterns, overwhelming emotions, family conflict, and many other life challenges. Often clients have a sense that their lives are not where they want them to be, or of emptiness or unhappiness, and come to therapy in part to define or explore the problem. Dr. Sasso strives to create a safe, open environment for self-exploration within the context of an accepting therapeutic relationship.

Dr. Sasso uses an integrative approach to therapy which focuses heavily on the relationship between client and therapist as a healing tool.  Dr. Sasso is trained in psychodynamic, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive-behavioral, and family systems models.  She also integrates mindfulness and other holistic and mind-body approaches.  Dr. Sasso has been trained in sex therapy and has a background in working with sexual problems and sex and gender diverse populations.  She strives to create a safe therapy space not only for sex and gender diverse clients, but clients from all religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.