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Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Clients

For those seeking therapy related to gender identity concerns, Dr. Sasso has special training and experience working with TGNC clients across the lifespan. Through her work in individual and family therapy, as well as groups for TGNC youth, parents of TGNC youth, and spouses/partners of TGNC adults, Dr. Sasso has assisted individuals and families through identity exploration and coming out processes, and in many cases, transition. Whether you are seeking to understand your or a loved one’s identity, seeking coming out or transition support, have couples concerns related to gender identity, or any number of other issues, Dr. Sasso has the training and expertise to assist you at any stage in you or your family’s journey.
For those seeking therapy for reasons other than gender identity, but who identity as Trans*/TGNC, knowing your therapist will understand and accept your identity will provide the safest, most comfortable therapeutic environment for you to explore whatever other concerns you might bring you to counseling. With Dr. Sasso, you will not have to explain your identity, the transition process, or the realities of daily living as a transgender individual. You can get right down to the business of therapy.

Transgender Children

Does your child show signs of gender non-conformity or even insist he/she is another gender? All parents want to do what’s best for their child, and parents often hear a wide variety of conflicting messages about how to react to gender non-conformity in toddlers and school age children. Dr. Sasso can thoroughly assess your child and make research-based recommendations, as well as provide the emotional support your family needs to provide the best outcome for your child. Dr. Sasso will meet with the parent(s) first to obtain an in-depth understanding of your child’s developmental history and current functioning. Then she will provide recommendations for further assessment or simply provide suggestions for how best to support your child given his/her unique developmental level and needs.

Transgender Teens

Having a teenager come out as transgender or gender non-conforming can be a challenging and unexpected event for a family. Parents want to support and accept their child, but often have very understandable concerns about their teen’s ability to make life-altering decisions at such a young age, social and media influences, discrimination, and safety. They may want to ensure their child has someone knowledgeable to speak to about his/her gender identity. Dr. Sasso can carefully assess your child, provide them space to explore and ask questions, and provide your family with the answers you need to support your teen.

Dr. Sasso will help your family work together to take a step back, come together, and weigh options.  If the decision is made for a youth to begin transition, all parents want their child to have the best possible team on board. Dr. Sasso can lead that team. She interfaces frequently with medical doctors, school administrators and teachers, and family members. Dr. Sasso can be your family’s advocate with your child’s school, recommend medical and other services, and assist you in providing support to your child, as well as managing the many family and social challenges that can emerge around transition. Dr. Sasso can provide not only your child, but your family as a whole, emotional support during what can be a challenging time in a youth’s life.

Transgender Adults

There is no one way to be gender non-conforming or transgender, no one way to transition, and no one way to feel whole and authentic. Dr. Sasso is passionate about working with TGNC clients and her goal is to assist you in living the most fulfilling life for you. Dr. Sasso is aware of the traumatic history between mental and medical health practitioners and the TGNC community. Rather than be in a position to determine if/when you are entitled to critical treatments and/or resources, Dr. Sasso adheres to a model in which she supports you in making key decisions about your care. With Dr. Sasso, you can feel safe to bring your true feelings into sessions, present exactly as you are, and not have to fit a certain mold in order to transition, if that is what you choose.  Dr. Sasso has assisted transgender and gender non-conforming adults of all ages in exploring their identities, discovering ways to live more authentically, finding community and support, coming out to family and/or partners, socially transitioning, medically transitioning to varying degrees, and managing reactions at work and/or school.

Genderqueer, Androgynous, and Other Gender Fluid Clients

At one time, the expected outcome of gender non-conformity in our society was shifting from one binary identity to another. This is no longer the case. As our culture becomes more sophisticated and young people lead a generational shift to less binary notions of gender, gender non-conforming people are inhabiting a variety of bi-gender, non-gendered, androgynous, and fluid spaces with regard to identity.  While for some, transition is unnecessary or unwanted, for others, full or partial transition may mean a variety of things, including transition from one gender to neither, both, or something else entirely. With a gender studies background, and training in working with gender non-conforming clients, Dr. Sasso understands the nuances of gender roles, gender identity, and the limitations of the gender binary. Dr. Sasso is passionate about helping you create the life that is right for you and supporting your unique identity, whatever that may be.

Couples with a Transgender or Gender Non-conforming (TGNC) Partner

As transgender lives become more visible in society, more adults are accessing and/or expressing their own gender non-conformity. While this can be a life-enriching and at times life-saving experience, it can also pose incredible challenges for existing relationships, at times with devastating consequences for partners and spouses. While TGNC partners may find themselves part of a rich, new community, cis-gender partners (partners who are not transgender), often feel isolated and alone.  Dr. Sasso is an experienced couples therapist, who has assisted TGNC couples in examining and redefining their relationships after a partner comes out. While some couples find ways to maintain their existing relationships, others find ways to reimagine their relationships so they can remain connected in a positive way, and still others choose more separate paths. Dr. Sasso can assist you in finding the path that’s best for you and your partner while providing emotional support during what can be the most challenging point in the course of a relationship.

Children of a Transgender Parent

Of all the people in a transgender or gender non-conforming person’s life, children, whatever their age, may be the most strongly impacted. At a young age, we look to our parents as representations of gender. Even as we grow and understand the nuances of gender identity, we may hold onto a view of our parent’s gender as we saw them as a child. Accepting and integrating a new gender identity can feel like a betrayal to a child at any age.Dr. Sasso understands transgender identity and the needs of transgender clients and can answer questions and address the concerns of children of any age. At the same time, Dr. Sasso can join with the children of a transgender client to empathize with their position and experience. Ultimately, Dr. Sasso’s goal is to help family members build empathy for and acceptance of each other, in an age-appropriate manner, emphasizing aspects of parent-child relationships that are stable such as love, devotion, and nurturing.