Relationships, Identity, Sexuality, Empowerment



Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Dr. Sasso is available to provide workshops and speaking engagements on the following:

For the Community:

  • Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Identity
  • Trainings for Schools, Medical and Mental Health Professionals, Law Enforcement, and Corporate Settings on Affirmativeness with Transgender, LGBTQ, and Other Sexually Diverse Groups
  • Parenting Gender Non-Conforming and Transgender Teens
  • Up-and-Coming/Emerging Identities – How a New Generation is Changing the Face of Gender and Sexuality
  • Work-Life Balance and Shared Parenting Workshops for Parents, Couples, and Others
  • Guilt-Free Parenting in Parent-Pressure Culture AND Guilt-Free Mothering in a Mommy-Martyring Culture
  • Bisexual, Pansexual, Fluid, and Queer: Understanding Mono-sexism and the Experience of Non-monosexuals
  • Sexual Fluidity – What We’re Still Getting Wrong About Sexual Orientation

For Mental Health Professionals:

  • Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Identity
  • Mental Health Treatment/Transition Support for Transgender Clients
  • Up-and-Coming/Emerging Identities – Preparing to Treat a New Generation of Sex and Gender Diverse Clients
  • Issues in the Therapeutic Alliance with Transgender Clients
  • Treating Bisexual, Fluid, and Queer Clients: Understanding the Lives of Non-Monosexual Clients
  • Sexual Fluidity:  What We’ve Got Wrong about Sexual Orientation and How It’s Hurting out Clients
  • Puberty Blockers and Hormone Therapy – Ethical “Gatekeeping” for Transgender Teens
  • Working with Mixed Orientation Couples
  • Walking the Line: Validating Transgender Identity Without Reinforcing the Gender Binary

For Business and Corporate Settings:

  • Self-Care and Mental Health Awareness (to help employees live healthier, more productive lives)
  • Creating an Affirming Work Environment for Sex and Gender Diverse Individuals (for employees and/or management)
  • Creating a Racially, Ethnically and Religiously Affirming Workplace (for employees and/or management)
  • Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation (to lower stress and improve focus on the workplace)